Tropical indoor house plant from South America, the unusual Anthurium Arrow makes for an eye-catching addition to your space with its fine reach-for-the-sky stems and large, elongated deep green leaves. Ideal for beginners.

Native to the tropical rainforest floors of South America.
Positioning + Light Needs
Requires plenty of light but will suffer if overexposed to direct sunlight. Avoid positioning next to radiators or draughty windows or doors.
Anthuriums like moist but not sodden soil. Water modestly when the top two inches of soil are dry. Water more regularly during warmer months but allow the soil to dry out between each watering; make sure the roots are never sitting in water for a prolonged period. Water less frequently during colder months.
Misting isn't a watering substitute; it's a means of going some way towards replicating the high humidity these exotic plants would be exposed to in their natural habitat. Mist modestly a couple of times a week.
Use a high phosphorous fertiliser April to September (little and often is best).
Child / Pet Friendly
No. Mildly toxic.
Every 2 - 4 years should be fine.
Look out for
Yellowing leaves: either too much direct sunlight or possible overwatering.
Check soil: if dry, too much sun; if wet, too much water.