Strelitzia Reginae hails from South Africa and what an absolute stunner this plant is. Its banana-like leaves and bright 'bird of paradise' architectural flowers are real show-stoppers. What most houseplant sites neglect to tell you is that this plant needs a good deal of growth and maturity to flower!

Native to South Africa.
Positioning + Light Needs
A lot of bright, natural light but fairly limited direct sun is perfect.
Water whenever first couple of inches of soil are dry in Spring and Summer months. Less so in Winter, let the soil dry out between waterings.
Yes please, I enjoy high humidity so mist me every few days, especially in the Winter months when the heating kicks in.
Feed me once a month every Spring and Summer.
Re-pot about every second year or so. Keep your eye on the roots outgrowing its pot.
As a houseplant, it can take up to three or so years to begin producing flowers if the plant is well taken care of, mostly around Springtime. Once it begins flowering, however, this plant will provide you with years of delight. If you want instant gratification, you'll need to go for the largest size we offer.
Child / Pet Friendly
No, all parts 
Look out for
Browning leaves: usually down to too low humidity and /or under watering.
Worry not about splitting leaf tips, this is a natural occurrence as the plants matures.