A Victorian favourite, the Boston or Sword fern remains a real crowd pleaser. Beautiful green ruffled fronds that love to hang loose, so keep the soil moist and humidity level high. This houseplant is a sensitive soul, so do not manhandle, stroke or place the plant's fronds anywhere they can be brushed against either.

North America
Positioning + Light Needs
Bright to moderate light is fine, just avoid any direct sunlight and deep shade. A good one for kitchens and bathrooms but keep away from any draughts.
Ferns do like water. Make sure its soil remains moist at all times, but never ever sodden! Best also to water around the edge of the rosette to avoid the water becoming stagnant in the centre which may cause it to rot.
Yes please, I enjoy a good level of humidity so mist me weekly, especially in the Winter months when the heating kicks in.
From April - September feed the plant with a weak diluted fertiliser every 2 weeks to encourage new growth and healthy looking leaves.
Re-pot about every second year or so. Keep your eye on the roots outgrowing its pot but it is a slow grower.
Child / Pet Friendly
Yes, I'm non toxic.
Look out for
Browning frond tips: Most likely cause here is dry air and lack of humidity but can also occur if manhandled. Increase humidity levels.
Pale fronds: too much sunlight.