A handsome sun dweller, also known as the Candelabra tree, who stands architecturally tall and proud. Though similar looking, the Euphorbia is not a cactus. But like cacti, they share a dry sense of humour. We like these handsome houseplants in tall slim planters best of all. Very low maintenance and ideal plant for beginners.

Native to large dry parts of Southern and Eastern Africa.
Positioning + Light Needs
Sun, sun, sun please! I love the sun, I'll take as much as you can throw at me.
Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Never over water! Drought tolerant for short periods.
No misting at all please, I like it dry.
Feed with a diluted cactus-specific feed once in Spring and again in the Summer.
Very slow growing, so every two to three years or so is fine. 
Child / Pet Friendly
Look out for
Toppling over! They have shallow roots and are tall, so make sure they're in a suitably sturdy planter.
White sap: if the plant is punctured, the sap could leak out. Beware, this is very toxic!