The Cast Iron house plant [Aspidistra elatior] was a firm Victorian favourite due to its resilience, thus gaining its name 'cast Iron'! But the name belies a simple elegance and ornamental shape that this plant carries. A wonderful companion who won't let you down, great for pretty much any space that needs lifting with some greenery dressing. Don't forget to dust those leaves every now and then! Ideal for beginners.

Native to Japan and Taiwan.
Positioning + Light Needs
I'm super tough, so versatile when it comes to positioning. Shade tolerant but most happy anywhere with moderate levels of natural light. Golden rule is to avoid direct sunlight. Houseplant 101: shade tolerant does not include pitifully dark corners!
Monthly or so watering will do when the top inch of soil is dry to the touch. Do not over water so that the soil becomes sodden for any period of time, as this can cause real problems. Good drainage is advisable.
Not essential, but mist me once in a while just because I like the sensation
Feed me once a month every Spring and Summer with diluted liquid fertiliser.
Every 2-3 years should be fine. 
Child / Pet Friendly
I am, but naturally I'd prefer not to be chewed.

Air Purifying
Yep! I'm very effective at removing airborne toxins such as xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air.
Look out for
Yellowing or brown leaves: usually due to overwatering, but also check that its not being exposed to periods of direct sunlight.