The Ceylon Bowstring [Sansevieria zeylanica] is the good looking, low maintenance, air purifying plant for the modern home. With slick sword like long leaves and stylish pattern, this is a slow growing hard-to-kill plant that's ideal for beginners and you can position most anywhere there's natural sunlight. Tip: Most folk have smaller snake plants in their home; our larger ones are real show-stoppers, especially when paired with a stylish planter.

Native to West Africa
Positioning + Light Needs
Requires bright levels of natural sunlight but can also take partial shade. Avoid too much direct sunlight and of course cold, damp rooms!
Water me sparingly, allowing my soil to dry out in-between waterings.
No misting at all please, I like dry heat and low humidity.
Feed me monthly every Spring/Summer with liquid fertiliser (make sure to use fertiliser made specifically for succulents and cacti).
I don't enjoy being re-potted very often, so re-pot only when the pot cracks from growth.
Child / Pet Friendly
No, pretty toxic.
Air Purifying
There's no-one better....said the people at Nasa. So there you have it.
Look out for
Yellowing or drooping leaves: most likely overwatering and/or too low a temperature in the room. Remove the affected parts as soon as possible.