A dream houseplant all round. The Dracaena Compacta has relatively short, dark green leaves that form a full head at the end of the stem. Tidy and architectural in shape, this attractive, low maintenance and durable houseplant is suitable for virtually any interior space. Ideal for beginners and interior style hounds.

Native to tropical Africa.
Positioning + Light Needs
A good balance of sun and shade is ideal for this dracaena, but avoid any direct sunlight. Although it grows quicker and better in bright light you'll also find it survives and grows well enough in low light conditions.
Water modestly every week or so when the soil is dry to the touch. You only need keep the soil slightly damp so never over water. Only needs monthly watering during the Winter months and the Dracaena needs a rest period in November and December, so no need to water then but keep an eye on it.
Yes please, I love weekly misting to look my best.
Feed me once a month every Spring and Summer with diluted liquid fertiliser.
I'm a slow grower, so every 2-3 years is fine but keep your eye on the pot in case I become root bound.
Child / Pet Friendly
No sorry, I'm a little 
Air Purifying
Yep! I'm very effective at removing airborne toxins such as xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air.
Look out for
Brown tips on leaves: could be lack of humidity, exposure to a cold draught or under-watering. Brown leaves suggest too cold a room or too much watering.
Yellowing bottom leaves: remove any bottom leaves that go yellow, normally this is just the plant making way for new leaves.