We love this large, awesome architectural Ficus Bonsai! Meandering thick trunk with delicate leaves, it's a work of art. Not quite a beginner plant, you'll need to provide plenty of good light, a warm room and above average humidity levels and of course don't over-water. Enjoy!

Native to South East Asia and Australia.
Positioning + Light Needs
A lot of bright, natural light avoiding direct sun is perfect. Can tolerate partial shade if needs be.
Make sure to water little but often, keeping the soil moist without ever over-watering or allowing the soil to go completely dry.
Mist me every other day or so, I enjoy 
above average humidity levels and don't like too dry an atmosphere. Keep up in the Winter months when the heating kicks in also.
Slow growing, so feed me once a month every Spring and Summer with diluted liquid fertiliser.
As a rule, I do not like to be disturbed! I'm a slow grower, so only re-pot when necessary, which could be every couple of years when growing in height and spread.
Child / Pet Friendly
Nope. As Britney once sang, "don't you know that I'm toxic."
Air Purifying
Oh yes, expert in this field.
Look out for
Leaf drop: Please note that a little leaf drop throughout the year is normal. It can also occur due to changes in temperature or placement, so for instance do expect a little on arrival in your home!
Dry, crisping leaves: the tree could be under watered. Add enough water that can seep from the top soil to the drainage holes, at the bottom of the container and remove the left over water to allow enough oxygen to the plant roots.
Folding leaves: the problem could be over-watering.
Brown leaf tips: most likely too low humidity.