A legend amongst houseplants but as its been around for so long, it's all too easy to forget why. A good size rubber plant especially really is a striking plant, with strong and full glossy leaves that are hard to beat. It thrives in brightly lit spots to some partial shade and can be a focal point in any room in the house, as long as you can accommodate for the size plant we're offering! Go bold we say. Ideal for beginners.

Native to South and South East Asia.
Positioning + Light Needs
Strong indirect light, partial shade tolerant.
Water weekly when the top soil becomes slightly dry and reduce watering in the Winter. The worst thing you can do is over water your Ficus, so be conservative.
I love to be misted, especially in the warmer months and when the central heating kicks in.
Feed me fortnightly every Spring and Summer with diluted liquid fertiliser.
May - June, every 3 years or once the roots have become pot bound.
Child / Pet Friendly
No sorry, I'm a little toxic.
Air Purifying
That's me! I'm very effective at removing airborne toxins like 
formaldehyde from the air.
Look out for
Loss of leaves: Most common cause is over-watering, which will need attention asap (renew top soil or re-pot). Other conditions can also cause leaves to drop including, low temperatures, not enough light or cold draughts. Moving your plant from a bright location to a dim one can also cause leaf drop. It's normal for some of the bottom leaves to turn yellow and drop, but do check if conditions are OK.
Leaf edges yellowing: This is really a process of elimination. The problem could be poor soil, under-feeding or too much water. You'll need to check each one of the care instructions above and eliminate what you're doing well and try to find the cause.