All you need to know about our Gift Cards

Either you want to gift someone or you've been gifted. Hurrah! Then you'll no doubt want to check a few things.

  • Gift card codes entitle the holder to goods / services equal to the value stated on the voucher
  • Gift cards may only be redeemed at
  • If the Gift card holder’s order value exceeds the amount of the Gift card, the Gift card holder will be required to pay for the remaining value of the order
  • Gift cards may not be exchanged (partly or fully) for cash
  • A Gift card may be used more than once provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.
  • More than one Gift card can be used towards a purchase
  • Gift Cards can be used in conjunction with other offers or promotions
  • Gift cards can not be used to purchase Gift cards
  • Customers can't check their own Gift card balance - we can do this though and will provide the information upon request