The undisputed King of the Houseplants, brought to the UK by the Victorians who valued an exotic status symbol. Exquisitely shaped, at ease in the starring role or as a dependable support act; at ease in an urban apartment, hipster office or stately home, what's not to love about the Kentia Palm [Howea Forsteriana]. It’s a slow grower but a most worthy investment for your interior. If you have the height, go big we say! Ideal for beginners.

Native to 
Lord Howe Island (Australia, New South Wales State).
Positioning + Light Needs
Keep me in a bright room but out of direct sunlight; can also tolerate light shade.
Checking the top soil for moisture (by touch) is the best way to see if the Kentia needs water. If the top soil is dry in the Summer, give him a drink; in the Winter water less but keep your eye on the top soil not drying out with your heating! 
Kentias love being regularly misted, keeping their foliage fresh and airy.
Slow growing, so feed me once a month every Spring and Summer with diluted liquid fertiliser.
Palms generally dislike being removed from a pot. The best practice is to re-pot only, when it has become pot bound and take good care of the roots whilst doing so.
Child / Pet Friendly
Yes I am!
Look out for
Leaf tips going brown: air may be too dry or maybe you are under-watering; move away from heat sources, mist and check compost is moist.
Yellowing leaves: This can be a natural part of ageing process, but check plant is not being under/over-watered.