An unusual and highly desirable Asian palm with blunt tipped frond clusters in deep green. Also known as the Bamboo palm, this plant is a slow grower but highly adaptable to most welcoming interiors. We're big fans of this houseplant here at Plant People HQ and can highly recommend.

Native to China and Taiwan.

Positioning + Light Needs
Keep me in a bright room but out of direct sunlight; can also tolerate light shade.
Maintain moist soil at all times. Checking the top soil for moisture (by touch) is the best way to see if it needs water.
Only when the atmosphere is particularly dry. Misting fairly regularly is advised during warmer months and when the central heating is on high.
This plant rarely requires fertiliser, so feed only once or twice a year during the growing season with a very diluted form.
Palms generally dislike being removed from a pot. The best practice is to re-pot only when it has become pot bound and take good care of the roots whilst doing so.
Child / Pet Friendly
Yes I am!
Air purifying
Yes! A top houseplant for removing airborne toxins in your home.
Look out for
Brown leafs: caused by extreme heat or lack of watering. Trim the brown leaves from the plant.
Black leaf tips: associated with over watering or over fertilising. Trim the black leaves from the plant.
Never prematurely peel off the tubular green leaf encasing young shoots. This will cause permanent damage to the woody shoot underneath.
As the tree ages, lower leaves will become discoloured. These should be pruned for the plants health.
Any time that new growth dies, that entire shoot has become ill. It must be removed at soil level immediately to prevent poisoning of the entire plant.