Ah the Money Tree [Pachira Aquatica]. A bringer of good fortune with beautifully braided trunk and elegant green leaves. This ornamental tree will sit well in airy rooms with good natural light and space to show off its good looks.

Native to Central and South America.
Positioning + Light Needs
Keep me in a bright room but out of direct sunlight; can also tolerate light shade.
Water modestly to keep my soil moist only; water less in winter.
Mist every couple of days or so, ideally 
with lukewarm water. I like above average humidity and warmth.
Feed with a diluted liquid fertiliser every 2 weeks, which will encourage growth and healthy leaves. Feed from Spring to late Autumn.
Re-pot once every two years, during early Spring.
Child / Pet Friendly
Yes I am!
Look out for
Leaves yellowing and dropping: possibly over feeding or over watering. Stop both and resume watering first once the soil has become dry using a little fertiliser also for a month or two. Once the plant recovers reduce the amounts of both food and water compared to how you provided these previously. The odd lower leaf or two will turn yellow and fall from time to time, which is natural.
Leaf tips and edges turning brown: When it's only the tips turning brown it's quite often due to too much dry air. If the tips, edges or both have turned brown then it could be any one of many possible incorrect conditions including too much or not enough water or light (direct sun for too much), or even overfeeding or cold drafts. It's going to have to be a process of elimination to find the cause.
Leaves dropping: Leaves dropping can be caused by sudden changes in temperature and lighting conditions becoming lower. If you have recently bought the plant or moved it to a new location this can cause leaves to drop.