A stunning, rare and rather unusual Philodendron, the 'Cobra' has distinct form with its variegated leaves randomly streaked and spotted with cream. It can tolerate shadier spots, and in time will grow to an impressive height. Its stylish form is an interior winner and is sure to elevate the right space in your home. We love this plant! Ideal for beginners.

Native to Central and South America.
Positioning + Light Needs
Happy with good natural light and partial shade but avoid direct sunlight. Keep me in a warm environment, so no cold or damp rooms.
During the Summer months you will be watering as much as twice per week to maintain moisture levels. Make sure the top two inches of soil dry out between waterings and good drainage is a must as the root ball should never sit in water! In Winter you should water sparingly, only when the top 2 inches of soil have dried out.
Regular misting every couple of days or so during the Spring / Summer months; in the Winter months, when the heating kicks in, just every week or so please.
Fast grower, so feed the plant monthly March to September with a
 weak liquid plant feed.
When the roots compact and form a tight ball it is time for the plant to be repotted into a planter that is around 2-3 inches larger. Repotting should take place late Winter or early Spring before the plant begins to grow new leaves.
Child / Pet Friendly
No, toxic if consumed I'm afraid.
Air Purifying
I am indeed!
Look out for
Over watering will cause the leaves to turn yellow. Under watering will cause the leaves to turn brown and fall off.
Wilting leaves: look scarier than they are! This can mean that you’re either over-watering or not watering your plant enough - check the soil. Always check the soil! When too wet, wait until it’s completely dry to water again. When the soil is dry, water your Monstera standleyana right away.
Brown Spots Circled with Yellow: a sign of a fungus. Your Monstera standleyana is too wet. Dry your plant out and make sure there’s enough air circulation in the room. Then you’ll have to remove all the fungus-infected leaves for the plant. Dispose of them right away.