The leaves of love flow freely from this one! Native to the floor of tropical jungles, The Heart Leaf Philodendron just loves humidity and light shade. An evergreen root-climber that can reach up to 4m in height, with slender-pointed, heart-shaped glossy green leaves on a stylish moss pole on which to climb as she grows. A classic houseplant that brings warmth and style aplenty to your space.

Native to Central and South America.
Positioning + Light Needs
Happy with good natural light and partial shade but avoid direct sunlight. Keep me in a warm environment, so no cold or damp rooms.
The soil in the pots should be kept moist, never soaked and never be allowed to dry out. During the summer months you will be watering as much as twice per week to maintain moisture levels, whereas in winter you should water sparingly only when the top 2 inches of soil have dried out.
Light misting every week or so during the Spring / Summer months; in the Winter months, when the heating kicks in, just every couple of weeks or so please.
Fast grower, so feed the plant monthly March to September; during Winter, every other month with a basic houseplant food.
When the roots compact and form a tight ball it is time for the plant to be repotted into a planter that is around 2-3 inches larger. Repotting should take place late Winter or early Spring before the plant begins to grow new leaves.
Child / Pet Friendly
No, toxic if consumed I'm afraid.
Air Purifying
I am indeed!
Look out for
Over watering will cause the leaves to turn yellow. Under watering will cause the leaves to turn brown and fall off.

Heart Leaf Philodendron Care Card