From adversity to opportunity.

Two event companies, hit hard by the pandemic of 2020, got together over a love of plants, a need for re-invention and spurred on with fighting spirit! We're delighted to bring you The Plant People online store.
Malcolm Smith, the man behind The Plant People, has been in the horticulture business since 1981. Alongside him, right hand man John Johnston; an incredible combined knowledge and passion for plants that runs through every single exquisite specimen we'll be offering.
The third 'amigo' on this new adventure is Nat Walker, founder of groundbreaking event rentals start-up Supazaar.

We aspire to be in retail just as we proudly are in rental: a go-to source of knowledge, integrity, trust and reliability with a large sprinkling of plant know-how.  

We've been involved with so many phenomenal events, weddings and productions, large and small, where plants and trees have been front, centre and 'in the shot'; from London Fashion Week shows and Award ceremonies; Amazon's annual Summer Party, Albert Hall concerts, Glastonbury, Stately home event extravaganzas, film and music productions for the great and the good. You name it, we've done it.
Now we want to bring that wonderment directly into your home, not least with the impeccable service we built both our businesses on.
We offer a refined selection of houseplants and planters that we have personally curated to satisfy a strict criteria on plant care, enjoyment and style.
We sincerely hope you enjoy what we bring. You're in the very best of hands and we can't wait to deliver your next best plant!