The ultimate exotic impact plant! An impressive addition to your space, if you have the right space that is! You'll ideally need a large open plan area or garden room / conservatory with lots of bright, indirect sunlight for this absolutely gorgeous palm to thrive. 

Native to Southeast Asia.
Positioning + Light Needs
A lot of bright, natural light but limited direct sun is perfect.
Water a little but often with warm, filtered or rain water during the Spring and Summer months to keep the soil moist. Do not ever allow the soil to dry out completely, BUT never overwater as this may induce root rot. Make sure you have good drainage.
Yes please, I enjoy high humidity so mist me every few days with filtered or rain water, also in the Winter months when the heating kicks in. If you have a room humidifier, all the better.
Feed me once a fortnight or per month every Spring and Summer.
Transfer the palm to a new larger grow pot every few years. Look for signs first that the palm is outgrowing its pot such as small roots on the surface of the potting mix.
Child / Pet Friendly
Non toxic. It has sharp spikes that cause pain and bleeding if they puncture the skin, but the height should be a buffer against harm to small children and pets.
Look out for
Browning, dry leaves and tips: Dry air, under-watering and cold air can cause brown tips, and spots can be caused by over-watering, getting cold suddenly or watering with hard water. The lower leaves will turn brown after a period of time naturally that can be removed (by cutting) which allows new growth.
Yellowing leaves: under watering.
Insects: Red spider mite, mealy bug and scale can be a problem.
Root rot: Main cause is over-watering and the container, soil or both may not be draining well. Treat immediately